A story of “Proof that God exists”

This story is probably only a myth, but it may help us to think that God does exist. let’s start the story.

Once upon a time there was a man who famous due to his smartness and wisdom throughout the country. One time, there was someone who wanted to test his intelligence and discretion. Then he sent a challenge to the wise to prove that God exists. At the time and place that has been agreed, the wise man has not appeared yet. It made the challenger to be happy and excited because felt that he was the winner. A few moments later, the wise men came and apologized to the challenger. He said,

I’m sorry to come late, I had trouble when comes to this place, a river overflows due to flooding. I was confused how to cross it. But, at the same time, a floating wooden was divided by itself and build a boat for me

Suddenly, All the audience and the challenger laugh while hearing the impossible story from the wise. Then the challenger said,

“hahahahah, how could a wood suddenly become a boat!. It is impossible !!!”

A smile seen on the wise face and said,

“Likewise with the universe, how is possible that this complex universe can exist by itself and well-ordered without collision between the planets, if there is boat so does who made it as well as with the universe.”

The challenger was surprised and embarrassed.

“OK, if God exists, show Him, I’m not see Him, I want to see the Him”, said the challenger.

Then the wise man slapped the challenger.

“why did you slapped me, its hurt!”, ask the challenger to the wise.

“Did it hurt?, Where is pain I’m not see it, show me the pain??, did all see the pain ???”

“Noooooo!!!”,  said all the audience there.

Since the challenger has been embarrassed twice, So, he returned to his home. :)


2 thoughts on “A story of “Proof that God exists”

  1. The wise man name is known as Abu Nawas a famous wali during Abbasiyah Reign and the man who challeged him is actually a Jewish who knew that God himself is existed.

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