The side story of “Three questions about God”

Once upon a time there was a wise traveled with his pupil. In the middle of the way, his pupil asked,

“Teacher, I was wondering, could you show me the existence of God?, what is the destiny?, and why a devil punished in the hell, as far as I know, they are made from a fire, so they will be happy being placed in where they belong”

Then the wise man slapped his pupil and said,

“That’s all the answers of your questions.”

“Huh, how come?”, He replied.

Then the wise continued with his explanation,

“OK, here, answer for the first question, you feel hurt when being slapped, but, did you see the pain?. Sometimes we can’t see everything but at least we can still feel it. For example, the electricity, electromagnetic waves, smell, etc, as well as God, we can not see Him. But, we can feel it”

“The second answer, Did you dreaming about this slap?, Did you knew before?. That’s why called the destiny”.

“The third answer, my hand is made from a skin as well as your cheek. But, when I slapping you, you feel hurt, right?”.

Finally, they continued their way, and the student thought all the words on his mind while bear the pain, hehehehe :D


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