Installing Openwrt on SMCWBR11S-3GN / Accton WR6202 / Pareto Networks BG-100

Yesterday, I was bricking my SMCWBR11S-3GN 3G router. It started when I was trying to update the firmware since I was not really satisfied with the default firmware, and it was also a bit too old. Seen below is the firmware repository for SMCWBR11S-3GN,

SMCWBR11S-3GN Firmware

SMCWBR11S-3GN Firmware

The latest firmware was uploaded on 2011-07-28 !!. According to,

FCC ID Number

FCC ID Number

this router model, Accton WR6202, and Pareto Networks BG-100 were identical. In addition, searching more, this router was similar to ALFA Networks R36. Based on this, after googling for a few hours, I decided to install the latest firmware from Alfa Networks R36 as an alternative on my SMCWBR11S-3GN.

Alfa Networks R36 Firmware

Alfa Networks R36 Firmware

I got this works, stable, and quite new (latest firmware update was on 2013/09/16.). But due to the the lack of 3G modem support from R36 firmware, I went for another alternative, that was OpenWRT. Btw, the latest unofficial firmware of R36 can be downloaded here

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Four questions on the judgement day

According to Sunan Tirmidzi, Kitab Sifat Kiamat, Bab 1551 Hisab dan Qisas, No. Hadist 2341., Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Salam said:

The feet of a servant did not move on the judgement day so that he was asked:

  • how he spent his lifetime,
  • what he had done with his knowledge,
  • how he gained his wealth and how he spent it,
  • and how he used his body


Telah menceritakan kepada kami Abdullah bin Abdurahman telah menceritakan kepada kami Al Aswad bin ‘Amir telah mengabarkan kepada kami Abu Bakar bin Ayyasy dari Al A’masy dari Sa’id bin Abdullah bin Juraij dari Abu barzah Al Aslami berkata: Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Salam bersabda:

Kedua telapak kaki seorang hamba tidak akan bergeser pada hari kiamat sampai ditanya:

  • tentang umurnya untuk apa dia habiskan,
  • tentang ilmunya untuk apa dia amalkan,
  • tentang hartanya darimana dia peroleh dan kemana ia infaqkan,
  • dan tentang tubuhnya untuk apa dia gunakan


Dia berkata: Hadist ini hasan shahih, adapun Sa’id bin Abdullah bin Juraij dia adalah orang Basrah dan budak Abu Barzah, sedangkan Abu Barzah bernama Nadlah bin ‘Ubaid.
Sunan Tirmidzi, Kitab Sifat Kiamat, Bab 1551 Hisab dan Qisas, No. Hadist 2341.

Telah mengabarkan kepada kami Aswad bin Amir telah menceritakan kepada kamu Abu Bakar dari AlA’masy dari Sa’id bin Abdullah bin Juraij dari Abu barzaah Al Aslami ia berkata: Rasulullah Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Salam bersabda:

Dua kaki manusia tidak bergeser(dari tempat berdirinya) di hari kiamat hingga ia ditanya:

  • tentang umurnya untuk apa dihabiskan,
  • tentang ilmunya apa yang telah dilakukannya,
  • tentang hartanya darimana ia dapatkan serta untuk apa ia belanjakan, dan
  • tentnag badannya untuk apa ia pergunakan

Sunan Darimi, No. 536